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What Happens If Your Ex-Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support?

If you have child support in place and your child’s parent refuses to pay it, then there are several serious consequences that could take place. There are various things to consider with child support, especially because failure to pay it can result in court hearings or prosecution. What happens if they refuse to pay? (more…)
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Choosing The Right Business Structure

The business structure you choose will affect the amount of taxes you pay, how you can raise capital (i.e. shareholders and sale of stock), the legal paperwork you need to file, your personal exposure to risk, and the regulations you must follow.   There are four common types of business entities: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation,…
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Norman Dowler News. Recent case results from Norman Dowler LLP include

Represented plaintiffs in a $966,000.00 arbitration win, proving that the defendant failed to disclose a prior landslide when selling residential real estate to our clients. This decision included $250,000.00 in punitive damages awarded by a JAMS retired Superior Court judge. Succeeded in litigation to protect a trust written to benefit the family friend who cared…
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