Norman Dowler News. Recent case results from Norman Dowler LLP include

Represented plaintiffs in a $966,000.00 arbitration win, proving that the defendant failed to disclose a prior landslide when selling residential real estate to our clients. This decision included $250,000.00 in punitive damages awarded by a JAMS retired Superior Court judge.

Succeeded in litigation to protect a trust written to benefit the family friend who cared for the elder for decades prior to the elder's passing.

Succeeded in litigation to enforce an A-B trust against the stepparent's attempt to re-write the trust after the death of the spouse by disinheriting the deceased spouse's children and taking the deceased spouse's property.

Succeeded in quiet title actions for a client whose former corporation continued on real estate title for decades after ownership had ceased.

Successfully enforced personal guarantees on behalf of commercial landlord through the court's attachment process, winning over $1 million settlement.

Successfully represented commercial tenants in a struggling shopping center to re-write lease on terms more reflective of current economic conditions.

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