How to Prepare for a Child Custody Battle

Child custody battles are extremely stressful. Knowing how to properly prepare for one will help the process run much smoother.

In child custody battles, the court looks to see which parent is providing the best environment for the child. They will look at many aspects of your life, as well as the life of the other parent.

If you follow these helpful guidelines, you should be more prepared for your child custody dispute.



It is important to keep a journal. In your journal, keep notes of all your efforts to strengthen your relationship with your child. That includes helping your child with their homework, or even making them a home-cooked meal. By documenting the way that you care for your child, you are showing the court that you are a fit parent.

In addition to your efforts, it is also important to document any events that could possibly shed a negative light on the other parent. Only make notes in your journal if you truly feel that an action from the other parent could cause harm to the well-being of your child. Keeping track of these incidences is important for not only the safety of your child, but it is also good evidence to show that your home environment is safer than the opposing parent.



Your lifestyle could have a huge impact on whether or not you will get custody. Don't over-think it. Just make sure that your home environment is suitable for your child. That means that your home meets basic cleanliness standards. By having a clean house, it will be difficult for the other parent to prove that you are unfit.

Provide a safe home environment for your child. Make sure that their physical, mental, and emotional needs are cared for.

Take the proper steps to make sure that you are the best parent for your child.



Counseling can be tremendously beneficial for not only the parents but for the child as well.

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for a child. The older your child is, the better they will be able to understand what is happening. For your child’s mental and emotional health, it is important for them to see a counselor who can help them talk through their emotions.

In addition to benefiting your child’s well-being, taking your child to see a counselor makes you look good in the eyes of the courts. One of the best witnesses you can have in court for a child custody battle is your child’s counselor. The court usually gives great weight to a counselors’ assessment of a child’s needs.


Hire a Specialized Attorney

When going into a custody battle it is important to have the best representation possible. That is why you want to make sure to hire an attorney who specializes in custody battles.

Since they specialize in this field, they will be able to provide the best advice to guide you through the custody battle process.

Once you have hired your attorney, it is important to be completely truthful, open and transparent with them. They are on your side and want to help you. By being transparent you will ensure that the opposing parent won't bring something up in court that your attorney is not prepared for.

Even if you have information that you feel might make the courts look down on you, it is still important to disclose that information to your attorney. Only when provided with all the facts can they represent you to the best of their abilities.


What Courts Look For

The court is looking for what is in the best interests of the child.

They like to see that a parent is actively involved in their child's life. This includes being civil with the other parent. The courts will look favorably on a parent who is working hard to make sure that their child has a positive relationship with the other parent.

The court will also take into consideration what the child’s wishes are. The older a child is, the more of an opinion they will have. If they are opposed to living with one parent, the courts will most likely be in favor of their request, unless evidence shows that the parent is unfit.

In a child custody battle, the court wants to make sure that the parent who they reward custody to will provide a safe, healthy, and happy home environment for the child. By following these guidelines, you will be prepared to show the courts why you are the best parent for your child.

If you are looking for an attorney to help you get or keep custody of your child, contact us today! We want to discuss your options, and help you prepare for your custody battle.

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