How to Ease the Transition of Moving After Divorce

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Summer is one of the busiest times to move. It can be difficult to coordinate moving homes when you are going through a divorce, regardless of whether you are moving a few blocks over or to a completely different state. However, there are ways to ensure the process goes smoothly. Norman Dowler LLP offers our advice on how to ease the transition of moving after divorce.

Think About Your Kids

No matter their age, moving can be hard for kids. Combined with divorce, it can be an emotional process for them. The place they grew up in with their parents is no longer the place they will call home. It can be scary to adjust to a new home in an unfamiliar city, and it can be even more challenging if your kids are leaving behind people they see regularly.

Carve out some time with your children to make them feel comfortable in your new home. Get them familiar with the area, plan a day of fun with just you and them, and make them feel comfortable before school starts in the fall. Show them the positives of the place you plan to move and get them excited about it.

Take Care of Yourself

In order to keep your children happy and separate from the divorce, you should take some time to deal with your feelings. Seek professional help or spend some time with friends and family to ensure your head is clear. Moving is a stressful, time-consuming process that can create its own set of emotions. You want to make sure you begin the moving process feeling relaxed with a clear mind.

Make Moving Fun for Your Kids

Are your children particularly resistant to moving because they are comfortable in your current home? Are they afraid of living without both parents under the same roof? Whatever their worries, try to make the moving process fun to get them excited and focused on the positives. For instance, you can give them their own moving boxes to make them feel included.

You should also restructure the way you talk about moving to make it sound like they are welcome to move with you. Making them feel as if they have no choice creates a greater risk of them experiencing anger, frustration, or confusion. You do not want to deal with tantrums in the middle of a move.

Get Settled

It can take some time to get used to new and unfamiliar territory. Get your children comfortable with the new place they will call home. Make sure they are aware of their schedule, especially if you are sharing custody. Be wise about how you talk to them about this. You should make it sound like a benefit when they get to see their other parent instead of a limitation on how many days of out of the week they will see them.

They should be aware of what belongings should stay at your house and what items they will need at their other parent’s home. Be delicate in explaining custody, as you do not want your children to have a negative reaction.

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