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How to Achieve Financial Stability After Separation or Divorce

Separation and divorce are not only emotional processes but also can be tough on a family’s finances. How can newly separated or divorced individuals achieve and maintain financial stability? Norman Dowler LLP offers some recommendations and steps to take in getting your finances under control, as you begin the next chapter of your life. (more…)
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Prenup Before Proposal?

Some argue that a prenuptial agreement is necessary before a couple ties the knot, while others believe they can do without it. What are the steps a soon-to-be married couple should take before they begin their future together? Norman Dowler LLP reviews how a prenuptial agreement can benefit your relationship and why they are important…
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How to Ease the Transition of Moving After Divorce

Summer is one of the busiest times to move. It can be difficult to coordinate moving homes when you are going through a divorce, regardless of whether you are moving a few blocks over or to a completely different state. However, there are ways to ensure the process goes smoothly. Norman Dowler LLP offers our…
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What Happens If Your Ex-Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support?

If you have child support in place and your child’s parent refuses to pay it, then there are several serious consequences that could take place. There are various things to consider with child support, especially because failure to pay it can result in court hearings or prosecution. What happens if they refuse to pay? (more…)
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