Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Over the years we have developed expertise in a wide range of legal areas. Our attorneys continue to develop and pursue new areas through continuing legal education, in which we participate as both instructors and students, through bar and other professional activities and through independent research. We protect your real estate investments by foreseeing problems, drafting documents to protect you in transactions, and asserting your rights in litigation.

Transactions and Contracts

Our attorneys and paralegals can review and prepare documents supporting your real estate transaction. We represent general contractors, subcontractors, owners, and landlords and tenants, and our experience spans all areas of real estate transactions and litigation.

Purchasers and sellers
Brokers and agents
Title insurers and escrow companies
Developers and contractors
Borrowers and lenders
Landlords and tenants
Homeowners and homeowners' associations

Disputes and Litigation

If you encounter a dispute, we can assert your rights based on written contracts, statutes and case law. Our law firm has experience enforcing mechanics liens, litigating real estate attachments, and litigating landslide, soils defects and construction defects cases.

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