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Prenups Are For Happy Couples Too

If you got engaged over the holidays, first of all, congratulations from all of us at Norman Dowler LLP. Preparing to share your life with someone can be incredibly exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. Beyond the romance, there are several advantages of sharing your life with someone, such as the ability to share a…
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Co-Parenting: Planning for Success

Sharing joint custody has its challenges, even if you have a cordial relationship with your former spouse. But navigating the ins and outs of co-parenting can be made doubly complicated if you have recently divorced or separated. (more…)
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What Happens If Your Ex-Spouse Refuses to Pay Child Support?

If you have child support in place and your child’s parent refuses to pay it, then there are several serious consequences that could take place. There are various things to consider with child support, especially because failure to pay it can result in court hearings or prosecution. What happens if they refuse to pay? (more…)
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