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Reasons You May Say “I Don’t” to a Divorce

Maybe you and your spouse were going through a temporary rough patch. Perhaps neither of you truly meant it when you decided to go your separate ways. What if the word “divorce” was just used in the heat of the moment? Whatever your rationale, many couples in strained relationships will reconsider the possibility of divorce…
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Taking Care of Business During Your Divorce

When you own your own business, you know that it plays a key role in your livelihood. You may have invested years of time and perhaps even several of your own paychecks into its growth. It’s no surprise that a divorce could make you feel like your whole world is at stake. (more…)
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How Mediation Can Save Time and Money

Divorce can be a harrowing process that can last for months or years and cost thousands of dollars. It can be emotionally taxing on both parties, and also have an adverse effect on your children. You may wish to consider mediation as an alternative for your separation. Privacy One major advantage of mediation over court…
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